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Culture Shock: Everything You Need To Know About Blade Runner

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Since it was first released in 1982, Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ has become one of the most loved and influential sci-fi movies of all time. With a long-awaited sequel now in theaters, there’s no better time to dive into this rich, atmospheric universe. So if you’re a newcomer to the series, here’s everything you need to know about ‘Blade Runner’ to talk about replicants and Voight-Kampff tests like a pro! Actor Rutger Hauer famously rewrote his iconic “Tears In Rain” speech from the end of the film after early drafts of the script had his character describe Rutger Hauer’s height, […]

Robot Dentist Is The First To Perform Implant Operation Without Humans

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For the first time, a robot was capable of performing a dentistry operation on a person without the input of any medical personnel. The automated procedure took place in Xian in northwest China, where two 3D-printed teeth were implanted into a woman’s mouth. As reported in the South China Morning Post, the medical operation was overseen by trained professionals, but they did not intervene. The teeth were placed with a margin of error of 0.2-0.3 millimeters, which is the required standard for this kind of operation. Developing the system took four years, and it’s the joint work of the Fourth Military Medical […]

Two years on, has Angela Merkel’s welcome culture worked in Germany?

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One Syrian familys story of adjusting to a new life speaks volumes about Germanys attitude towards refugees on the eve of national elections When Ruaa Abu Rashed arrived in Germany after weeks of treacherous travel, including a near fatal boat journey across the Mediterranean, the cold was her first big shock. The 23-year-old did have a winter coat, but only thanks to a young Italian man at a railway station who had taken it off his own back and handed it to her mother. I, my mum and brother took it in turns to wear it for weeks it was […]

Florida Hunkers Down Ahead of Hurricane Irma

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Businesses are bracing for the worst as Hurricane Irma barrels toward South Florida, packing potentially catastrophic winds. Insurers led the S&P 500 Index lower Tuesday, as forecasters struggled to predict whether the strongest storm to form in the open Atlantic Ocean will slam into the third most-populous U.S. state. A direct hit on Miami could theoretically inflict damages in the $200 billion range, according to Enki Research risk modeler Chuck Watson. Empitied out water supply at a grocery store in Homestead, Florida on Sept. 5. Read more: Irma tops storm scale as threat grows for Florida Ray Zucaro, the chief investment […]

Lions Added To The Endangered Species Act In The U.S.

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Importing a lion trophy into the United States just got a lot harder. The government has just announced that lions will now be under the protection of the Endangered Species Act.This will mean that hunters who wish to bring back their spoils will either be banned from doing so if they were obtained from certain countries, or will have to provide more detailed and comprehensive documentation if they were legally killed. The new protections come after a review by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) of the scientific research on lions, in which new data has found that rather […]

IDO3D Print Shop lets you make tiny 3D toys and copy your own stuff

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The IDO3D Print Shop kit.Image: lance ulanoff/mashable Fake news can even infect the tech gadget world. Take IDO3D 3D Print Shop from Redwood Ventures. It’s a $60 kid’s toy that would like you to believe it’s a 3D printer. It’s not. That’s Fake Gadget News. It’s actually a 3D injection mold system that uses UV lightthe same kind that your dentist uses to harden fillingsto create tiny molds. (Owing to the chemicals and tiny toy size output, this is for 8-year-olds and up.) Despite the little white lie, though, IDO3D is good, slightly messy fun. You get a few of […]

Dirt For Dinner: Living With The Weird Condition Called Pica

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Remember that kid in grade school whose favorite food was paste? Maybe they grew out of it, grew up into a normal adult — or maybe they nurtured that tendency and developed a full-on eating disorder. It’s called pica, and for reasons no one truly understands, it causes you to eat things that aren’t generally accepted as food. We spoke to Deborah and Evan (not Evan V. Symon, who did the interview — a whole different Evan), who told us what it’s like when the world is your dinner plate. 5 You Slowly Up The Ante With a few exceptions […]

Long-term breastfeeding leads to more cavities, study says

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(CNN)Children who are breastfed for two years or longer are more likely to have dental cavities, according to a study published Friday in the journal Pediatrics. Among the children in the study, 23.9% had severe cavities and 48% had at least one tooth surface affected by a cavity. Kids who were breastfed for two years or longer had a 2.4 times higher risk of having severe cavities, compared to kids who were breastfed for less than a year.

Oral Problems? Please Read On For Outstanding Suggestions! W

Oral Problems? Please Read On For Outstanding Suggestions! Will you think about your oral health commonly? If you’re like a number of people, the answer will be perhaps not so much. Your teeth are in the back of your mind till it’s too late and they also start to be painful. Do what you are able to properly take care of tooth prior to deciding to have problems by utilizing the following tips. When you are truly stressed out, make a indicate with your dental practitioner beforehand this entails “I want a rest.” You are able to come up with […]

Excellent Dental Treatments Contributes To Wonderful The tee

Excellent Dental Treatments Contributes To Wonderful The teeth It is often a challenge to adopt excellent care a healthy smile. Pearly whites can yellow-colored, get tarnished, or decay as period pass. They may even injure if you don’t care for them appropriately. Even if you’re possessing some dental problems, you can find issues that you ought to do that can help to protect yourself from or turn back injury which might be completed. Keep read for a few easy tips about dental treatments. Ensure you are scrubbing your tooth two times a day. This an excellent process recommended by the […]
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