The Types Of Girls You Always See On ‘The Bachelor’

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The Types Of Girls You Always See On ‘The Bachelor’
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Sadly, this season of is coming to a close. We all learned a lot, mostly about implicit racial biases and what cheek implants look like, but thats still a lot. Soon, well know who Rachel has chosen BRYAN * and well be ready to move onto the next phase of The Bachelor franchise aka  aka the best of all Bachelor Nation shows. Now that the scandal is behind them (is it??? idk), will finally be able to focus on the beloved personalities that make them shitloads of money America has grown to love. Anyone who is a long time fan knows the general categories that every person who agrees to fall in love on television and propose to a relative stranger falls into. There are the openly crazy ones, the subtly crazy ones, the ones who you really dont feel like are crazy but then again theyre on so something must be wrong with them, and the dental hygienists. Season after season we inevitably are tricked into caring about these gorgeous idiots and their love lives, so much so that suddenly its theMen Tell All” and youre literally crying over Dean and his adorable camo suit jacket, a phrase youd never thought youd say.

Lucky for us, we here at Betches got a sneak peek at some of the incredible personalities were likely to see on the forthcoming season of , and were ready to share them with you. Check out our video below. 

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