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10+ Hilarious Doctors That Prove Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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Being a doctor is clearly one of the hardest and most stressful jobs on the planet. You’re taking care of someone else’s life, for crying out loud! However, that doesn’t mean all doctors have to be serious all the time. Bored Panda collected a list of random doctor acts of humor, to prove that even doctors like to have fun once in a while. From funny signs placed in their offices, to doc’s just goofing around, these awesome doctors clearly know the best medicine is laughter. Get yourself some vitamin C looking at these pics and don’t forget to vote […]

10+ Weird Dentist Stories That Will Make Your Visits To The Dentist Even Scarier

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Check out some of the best below. From dentists who sing “comfortably numb” while administering shots of Novocaine, to dentists who remind you that they used to work in a morgue while their fingers are rooting around in your mouth, these tweets are sure to make you fear the dentist even more than you do already. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite! #1 #3 #5 #7 #10 #13 #15 #17 #20 #23 #25 #27 #30 #33 #35 #37 #40 #43 #45 #47 #50 #53 #55 #57 #60 #63 #65 #67 #70 #73 #75 #77 #80 #83 #85

10+ Genius Solutions To Everyday Problems You Didnt Know Existed

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Below, we have put together a list of creative solutions to problems you never knew needed solving. From color-coordinating shopping baskets to customers who would like help from a salesperson and who wouldn’t to a highlighter that has a clear part so you could actually see what you’re highlighting – this whole list is full of genius ideas that’ll make your life easier in no time! Keep on scrolling to take a look and don’t forget to vote for your favorites. #2 My Son’s Homework Has A Barcode That When Scanned Takes Him To An Instructional Youtube Video Posted By […]

10+ Times Dads Took Their Jokes To Another Level

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Bored Panda collected some of the best dad jokes captured on camera, proving that while the jokes themselves may be cringe-worthy, they’re also quite hilarious to look at. A big shout out to all of the awesome dads who come up with so many ways to annoy their kids in most ridiculous ways! #2 After A Multi-year Battle I Finally Convinced My Dad To Upgrade His Old Nokia 3310 To An Iphone. The Custom Phone Case He Ordered For It Arrived Today.. #4 My Girlfriend’s Dad Sent Me This Picture Of Himself Today #6 My Dad Was Looking At Me […]

This Woman Built A Cat Ladder For Strays So They Could Come In When Its Cold Outside

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However, she wasn’t sure how her neighbours would react to this addition to her windows, so Ilhan put some ornaments. “I thought if I put some flower pots there, it wouldn’t bother anyone,” she said. But the reception has been overwhelmingly positive — especially among the countless kitties who have taken advantage of her offer of a warm place to rest. One Turkish woman came up with an amazing solution to help the freezing stray cats in her city “I made the ladder so the cats can come into my comfortable house” “I thought if I put some flower pots […]

10+ Before & After Pics Of Rebellious Teenagers (Add Yours)

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We were pretty serious about it back then, trying to convince our parents that “it’s not just a phase, this is who I am”. Good thing it’s all in the past now. We’re all grown up and serious, just as our parents wished we would become one day. #2 Dog And Tina (1985 And 2015) Punks Tina Tarr and her partner Dog were pictured near the Cathedral in Peterborough when Tina was 18. The couple left the city in the 1990s and went travelling. They have twins, but are no longer together. Tina now lives in Dorset and makes willow […]
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