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‘Red Oaks,’ Amazon’s nostalgic and underrated comedy, ends on a hopeful note

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Amazon Prime’s retro coming-of-age comedy Red Oaks ended in quiet foreclosure this month. During its three-season run the cheeky series crafted a small but enamored fandom. The show follows college student David Meyer embarking on his dreams of becoming a film director, after working as an assistant tennis pro at the Red Oaks country club. Craig Roberts stars as Meyer, bringing an earnest charm to a young man stuck in the rat race, but also trying make work that is meaningful to him. The show takes on the leanings of a drama at times, through the solid ensemble of characters […]

Jeff Bezos has his shops, so now Mark Zuckerberg wants a whole town | John Naughton

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Strange how history repeats itself. Amazon is following the model of Sears Roebuck, and Facebook seems to have taken a page out of a railroad tycoons book The abiding problem with writing about digital technology is how to avoid what the sociologist Michael Mann calls the sociology of the last five minutes. Theres something about the technology that reduces our collective attention span to that of newts. This is how we wind up obsessing over the next iPhone, the travails of Uber, Facebook being weaponised by Russia, Samsungs new non-combustible smartphone and so on. Its mostly a breathless search for […]
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