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‘Paying to stay safe’: why women don’t walk as much as men

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A study shows in most countries, women walk significantly fewer steps each day than men. Talia Shadwell hears from people all over the world saying the same thing: its down to personal safety, not laziness Vivi Restuviani would try to make herself look as invisible as possible when she was out at night in her former hometown of Semarang, Indonesia. If you looked at me from behind, youd probably have thought I was a boy, she says. One night, Restuviani was taking her regular short walk home, swamped anonymously in an oversized hooded sweater. As she walked along the main […]

‘We stand to wipe out a whole era’: how the 1970s could vanish from Vancouver

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The Empire Landmark Hotel is the latest brutalist icon set to be demolished in a frenzy of property speculation. Is it wrong to destroy an entire decade? For nearly 40 years from his vantage point at the top of the Empire Landmark Hotel, Yunus Khan has watched Vancouver grow up. You would barely recognise it, he says of the city as it looked when he took his first job at the hotel, doing maintenance. Beyond the 42nd-storey window, the jagged silhouette of the North Shore mountains, the lush surprise of Stanley Park, and the cobalt passage of Burrard Inlet are […]

Kiev’s new revolution: young Ukrainians spur cultural revival amid the conflict

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If Ukraines Maidan revolution has largely not led to the transparent government its proponents envisioned, it has certainly democratised Ukrainian culture. The countrys capital, Kiev, is at the forefront of a powerful new wave of creativity On a sultry Saturday evening in August, hundreds of young Kievans have descended on a vast courtyard a few miles from the city centre. As a DJ spins electronica in front of a 20-ft LED screen, partygoers stand in a paved open area bobbing their heads to the music, crowding the bar, or sneaking off to a leafy grotto to chat and canoodle. The […]
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