Will robots take your job? These jobs may be automated in the future

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Will robots take your job? These jobs may be automated in the future
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A new website hopes to answer a question in the mindsof many people — “Will my job be automated?”

If youre a priest, podiatrist, dentist, or photographer, you can expect to stay employed, according to the site. If youre a technical writer, taxi cab driver, or accountant, you might want to start retraining.

Willrobotstakemyjob.com was created by a developer and graphic designer, Mubashar Iqbal and Dimitar Raykov respectively, whod read a paper by a pair of Oxford economists whoset out topredict which jobs were most likely to be automated in the future. Iqbal and Raykov decided to make the results ofthe paper more accessible.

On the site, users can type an occupation, such as teacher, and select from a list of associated professions, like teacher assistants (56 percent chanceof automation), choreographers (0.4 percent), or animal trainers (10 percent). Youre also free to view jobs at random. We did, and found that stonemasons have an 89 percent chance of being automated.

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