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Same-Day CEREC Crowns

We understand your busy schedule and with our CEREC technology we can offer you a one appointment all-ceramic crowns.
A crown will restore an individual damage tooth by decay or fracture to its original form and function, all done in the same day!

Clear Orthodontic Treatments

We offer Invisalign treatment which will help you to correct and align your teeth with a virtually undetected clear trays.
We also offer Inman Alignment treatment for patients wanted to only correct their anterior cosmetic zone.
This treatment help us to correct and align your teeth in no more than 3 months.


Complete or Partial removable dentures are a more affordable way to replace all or some missing teeth.

Root Canal

With this treatment, we can save a tooth that is dead, damaged or infected.
The root canal of the tooth will be cleaned, disinfected and reshaped to be filled with a rubber like material.

Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

It’s a way to restore your tooth from a small cavity. We match the shade of your teeth to create a more cosmetic result.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth tend to stain not only as we age but also with the consumption of certain drinks (like coffee, tea or dark sodas), tobacco, some food or medicines making your teeth look dull or more dark/ yellow.
At our office we offered either one visit whitening treatment that would help you get the brightening smile you want in one hour or a more affordable customized whitening tray kits that will allow you to get the bright smile you want at your own schedule.

The Pinhole Dental Treatment

The Pinhole Dental Treatment is a new and innovated solution for Gum recession. This innovative procedure provides a very fast recovery and is minimally invasive. Dr. Paola Uceda has used this technique with her patients with excellent results. The video below illustrates its advantages for gum recession treatment:

CEREC Onlay/ Inlays

A more conservative treatment than a crown but made of the same material.
Onlay and Inlay offer the patient a more conservative and stronger way to restore normal tooth structure after large tooth decay or other damage.
With our CEREC technology it can be made in just one appointment!

Dental exams and cleanings

We serve patients of all ages. We provide an oral exam and diverse type of dental cleaning as needed by the patient.

Fixed Bridges

A safe and discreet way to replace a missing tooth/teeth.
It will help to improve the appearance of your smile, will prevent teeth from shifting out of place, will better distribute occlusal forces and improve your chewing and speaking function


These are a very thin plastic coat placed on the occlusal surface of the teeth to cover any deep grooves on your teeth.
These grooves are very retentive for bacteria and hard to clean, and the sealants will provide a smooth surface easy to clean.


These are thin shells of porcelain or resin composite material that bonds to the facial aspect of your tooth.
They are used to change the color, shape or alignment of natural teeth.
This procedure requires little or no anesthesia. Ideal to change the appearance of your front teeth.
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