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Words are the best weapons with which to come to terms with ageing

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After a brush with death in 1995, Robert McCrum had settled back into life as a literary journalist. Then, aged 60, came a fall that would force him to contend with mortality once more No one will ever know exactly what happened inside my head on the night of 28 July 1995, but probably it went something like this. First, for reasons that remain mysterious, a surreptitious clot began to form in one of my cerebral arteries, cutting off the blood supply to part of the one organ in the body that, after the heart, is most greedy for blood. […]

Studs Terkels Working new jobs, same need for meaning

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The world of work may have changed since 1974, but Working still has relevance for those of us in the workplace today In early 1970s America, in a two-flat dwelling on the edge of Chicago sits a man called Mike, a 37-year-old steelworker. The day I get excited about my job is the day I go to a head shrinker, he says. How are you gonna get excited about pullin steel? How you gonna get excited when youre tired and want to sit down? We move to a production line at a Ford assembly plant. Phil is a spot-welder, 27 […]
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