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Operation smile: how jaw surgery changed my life

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For years, Martha Hayes was bullied for being goofy. An operation at 18 gave her a new self-confidence, but would it last? Skinny, ginger, goofy bitch. I was walking to school one morning when I heard this from a girl Id never seen before. She threatened to get a hammer and knock my teeth in place. I was 12, and recognised the girls on either side of her, egging her on, because they had been my friends at primary school. Now, here we were, pupils at rival schools, standing on opposite sides of the road, like something out of West […]

Super Dad: When This Father Found Out His Daughter Was Being Teased For Her Weight, He Taught Her How To Really Go After Someones Socioeconomic Status

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If youre looking for someone to call Father of the Year, then look no further than Michael Cameron of Cincinnati, Ohio. When Michael found out that his 12-year-old daughter, Allison, was being teased because of her weight, this super dad stepped up in a big way by teaching his little girl how to really go after someones socioeconomic status. Can you say best dad ever? After Michael came across a post on his daughters Facebook bullying her about her weight, he took action. He sat his daughter down, made sure she understood that she was perfect just the way she […]
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